Manual Coding Machine

Manual Coding Machine

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Product Description

Brand new, in the original box with instructions and tools. Hot code printer ideal for imprinting date codes, lot numbers, expiration dates, and other letters/numbers into plastic and paper bags. A great way to keep track of your products. This is a great little machine for adding traceability to your products by adding a lot number, date code, or other important information. The characters are 1/8" tall. It comes with 4 sets of 0-8 (6 and 9 are interchangable) along with MFG, LOT, EXP, and 2 '.' A full ribbon is included. We have additional characters available for $0.75 each. This machine is relatively easy to set-up and operate. Set your code in the print head and set the bag, pouch, or other material in place and press down. DY-8 manual hot code printer is operated manually. It adopts thermal printing ribbon to avoid oil contamination, which can keep the surrounding clean. The words printed are clear and endurable against wear and tear. Model DY-8 Power source 110V 60HZ power 40W printing speed 10-30 pcs/min temperature 0 -200C Printing area Five line Max 12*3 words weight 9 lbs Size(L*W*H) 7" * 12" * 9"

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