Sausage Stuffers/Fillers 30, 50, and 70 lbs.

Sausage Stuffers/Fillers
Great quality, stainless steel sausage stuffers suitable for your butcher shop, meat processing facility, hunting club or just home use. This stuffers do not disappoint. Complete and ready to go out of the crate. Just plug it in, load it with your special mix of meat and spices, and slip the casing on the horn and sausages will be in your hands in no time. We even have customers using these for churros and other non-meat applications.

70 Pound Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer
Regular price: $3,999.99
Sale price: $2,999.99
50 pound Hydraulic Sauage Stuffer
Regular price: $3,199.99
Sale price: $2,399.99
Regular price: $2,899.99
Sale price: $2,099.99