Thermal Shrink Tunnel

Thermal Shrink Tunnel

Thermal Shrink Tunnel
Item# BS-A450

Product Description

Great shrink tunnel for a variety of uses. Just give it power and you are ready to run. Easy to operate and understand controls allow you to set the temperature, converyor speed, and the areas of heating. Temperature range is 0 - 300C.

Opening is 17.75 inches wide and 9.75 inches tall. Conveyor speed is variable from 0 to approx. 30 feet per minute. Digital thermostat controls overall temperature and there is a separate heat intensity setting for the heaters under the conveyor. Recommended operating temperature is 170 - 210C.

Operates on 220 volts, single phase power. Customer will need to install male plug on provided power cord to match 220V outlet. Power draw is approximately 41 amps at 220V.

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